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ATV/UTV Adjustable Receiver Hitch

ATV/UTV Adjustable Receiver Hitch

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U-4045 Receiver hitch stabilizer help
5/8" Hitch Pin

Made in the USA using American Steel, American Workmanship and American Pride, The Hornet adjustable hitch makes a simple to adjust the receiver both vertically and horizontally to accommodate uses for their receiver that include towing but much more, opening up the possibilities for expanded uses of your ATV or  UTV that often require receiver adjustment horizontally or vertically so the load is up away from the exhaust and mud. FITS ALL ATV'S AND UTV'S WITH 2" RECEIVER.   The Hitch raises the hitch point from 12-20".

The curved bottom (as opposed to a square shoulder edge on truck raised receivers) negates ground hang-up in the even of rough terrain by helping the vehicle move forward off the point of interference between the hitch and the ground.
All ATV/UTV receiver termination points are too low for the intended uses so pretty much everything that happens back at the receiver is UP., making the Hornet adjustable hitch useful in a wide variety of applications.

The Hornet Quick Adjust  is used for multiple purposes including towing small trailers, cultivators, feeders, fertilizers, spreaders, work tables, seats, steps,  winch attachment (front and/or rear), snow plows, three point blades, and dozens of others.  The length and height requirement of many of these ATV/UTV "implements" is different with each one.  OFF ROAD USE ONLY

The U-4043 comes complete with the Curved Lower component, adjustable upper component, one industry standard 5/8" Hitch Pin and the Hornet U-4045 Stabilizer.  You may want a second stabilizer where it inserts in to your vehicle to improve stability. If purchased with the U-4043 as options, additional hitch pins and stabilizers are discounted..

If your UTV has a 1 1/4" Receiver you can pick up an adapter from Hornet Outdoors.

The Hornet Receiver hitch product are ALL Made in the USA!

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