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ATV/UTV a 1/4
ATV/UTV a 1/4' Hitch Riser

ATV/UTV a 1/4" Hitch Riser

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Receiver Hitch Riser 14"
Part Number: U-4044-2
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Unlike trucks and SUVs, ATV and UTV receiver hitches are commonly located beneath the vehicle, which can make many receiver hitch accessories difficult to use or impossible to mount. 

The U-4044-2 is a Hitch Riser and Extender that inserts in to a 1 1/4" Receiver Commonly found on RZR's and many ATV's. In addition to raising the receiver hitch point it also converts the hitch to 2" Female which is the most common size for tow hitches and other implements. 

 Raises the hitch point 8" and extends it 10"

The Hitch Pin hole is 1/2" which is standard on most/all 1 1/4" Receivers

To see a detailed drawing with dimensions click here

If you'd like to see a guide showing all of our hitch products click here.

This 1 1/4" to 2" Riser/Extender is proudly made in the USA with American steel and is compatible with any standard 2" receiver hitch.

Powder coated flat black for a durable, corrosion-resistant finish.

Off-road use only.

Proudly made in America with American steel.

Hornet Outdoors manufactures a wide variety of specialty hitches.  This guide will provide you with a brief description of each. 

Click Here to see the Receiver Hitch Reference Guide

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