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Bobcat UTV Rear Cargo Rack R 800
Bobcat UTV Rear Cargo Rack R 800

Bobcat UTV Rear Cargo Rack R 800

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Bobcat UTV Rear Cargo Rack R 800
Part Number: R-800 Bobcat
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Heavy Duty Steel from the USA, built in the USA.

Need more bed space? The Hornet Bobcat 3400/3500 Cargo accessory rack spans the entire width of the bed increasing the bed space and allowing plenty of places to tie things down. Includes 2 Twist Lock anchors.

 ·       Tool Less installation

  • ·       Equipped with Hornet Rac-Klamp System for tool less installation of accessories.
  • ·       18" wide and 15" of clearance under the rack All steel welded tubing
  • ·       Powder Coated for durability Made in USA
  • ·       Available accessories rifle scabbard boot, tool grips, spare fuel, spare tire mount, jack and more.
  •       Weight Capacity 300 lbs.

  • Fits Bobcat 3400/3500 UTV's
  • R-800 Fit ALL Full Size Rangers 2006-2019 including 570,700,800,900,1000 XP 
The Hornet products that fit Polaris Full Size Ranger also fit the Bobcat UTV.  If you have questions or need help deciding what accessories will work on your Bobcat call 833-246-7638 or email us here.
  • Rac-Klamp The Ranger Cargo Racks feature standard spread between the vertical bars on the sides and ends.  This Tool Less attachment system allows for accessories to be attached on any sides of the rack; inside or outside. Accessories include Jack, Spare Tire Mount, Spare Fuel, Chainsaw Sheath and more!


Notes:  The Bobcat Cargo Rack features the standard spread between the vertical bars.  Note the 2 bars on each end and each side. The spread distance between the bottom rails is the same therefore it allows you to install accessories pretty much anywhere on the rack and move them around as necessary.

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