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Polaris Ranger and General Quick Lift Jack U-5000-R

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Polaris Quick Lift Jack
Part Number: U-5000-R

The Hornet Universal Quick Lift Jack was designed specifically for off road ATV/UTV use where you need a high capacity jack, light weight, and simple to use.

The U-5000-R Jack comes complete with Solid Aluminum Base Mounts, Hornet Twist Lock Anchors integrated in to our Quick Fist mounting system.  Simply drop the Brackets and Anchors in to your Ranger or General Bed holes, tighten, install the jack and that's it. No TOOLS! Install the jack anywhere along the inside of your bed or up against the cab.

Fits Polaris Ranger and General all models 2006-2019.

The Jack  features a long lift range, from as low as 6" to a maximum lift of 32".

It's also the handiest jack you'll ever own for other chores like changing tires/wheels on a trailer, raising up your dock to do repairs, raise your boat lift to take the wheels off, changing your lawnmower blades and more!!
  • 2,000 lb lift capacity
  • Comes with Crank Handle or simple remove it and use a socket or cordless drill.
  • Up to 32" Lift Height
  • Weatherproof Galvanized finish
  • Weighs only 13 lbs.
  • 6" long lift tongue allows plenty of reach 
This handy universal jack will easily lift your ATV/UTV,  Trailer, or other small vehicle.

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