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Receiver Hitch Adapter

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Receiver Hitch Adapter
Part Number: U-4053

This product is currently on backorder Expected availability June 25, 2019
If you own a RZR or other ATV/UTV with a 1 1/4" Receiver you probably discovered that the adapters on the market are far too long.  The Hornet Adapter was designed specifically for ATV/UTV use and it's short; extension is only 4 1/2".
The Hornet Receiver Hitch adapter makes is easy to insert 2" implements in to your 1 1/4" Receivers.   Male end fits 1 1/4" female ATV/UTV Receivers and has 1/2" Hitch in hole.  Female end fits all standard 2" Receiver accessories and has 5/8" standard hitch pin hole.
The Hornet Receiver hitch product are ALL Made in the USA!
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