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Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Mount

Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Mount

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The Hornet Receiver Hitch spare tire mount combines the unique off road design of a curved bottom to negate ground hangup.  Simple removal of the vertical tire bracket (you can leave your tire attached) by simply pulling the pin and lifting it up, so you can open your tailgate.  FITS ALL 2" RECEIVERS INCLUDING ATV'S UTV'S TRUCKS AUTOS 

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Made in USA 

The tire mount comes with two 3/8" bolts that fit most wheels but you may need to purchase longer bolts depending on the size/thickness of your wheel.

 Note: THE DISTANCE FROM THE CENTER OF THE HITCH PIN HOLE (WHERE IT INSERTS IN THE RECEIVER HITCH ON YOUR VEHICLE) IS 14 1/4 TO WHERE IT CLEARS YOUR BED". THE bed overhang varies by the Make and Model of your ATV or UTV. CHECK OUT THE DIMENSIONS SHOWN ON THE IMAGES TO CONFIRM THAT THE SPARE TIRE WILL BE POSITIONED WHERE YOU WANT IT. Hitch Stabilizer (Hornet part number U-4045) recommended with this product to eliminate wobble/rattle inherent in hitches. Hornet manufactures various optional short extensions that allow you to position the spare tire right behind your bed.
The Hornet Receiver hitch product are ALL Made in the USA!

The vertical arm that you mount your spare tire to can be adjusted to a number of different heights.

The Scorpion Swing Away Receiver Hitch Spare Tire carrier INCLUDES:
  • Lower Receiver Component
  • Upper Receiver Component
  • One  5/8" Diameter hitch pins. 
  • (1)  U-4045 Hitch Stabilizers.  One to be used on the vertical tire carrier and the other where the hitch inserts in your receiver. 
  • (2) 3/8 x 1.5" Bolts for attaching spare tire.  You may need to purchase longer bolts at the local hardware store if your wheels are thicker such as aluminum wheels.

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A U-4052 Piggyback makes a nice addition if you also want to pull a trailer behind your ATV or UTV and still have the U-4047S carrying your spare.

Note:  The amount of bed overhang varies by the Make and Model of your ATV or UTV. Check out the dimensions below to confirm that the spare tire will be positioned where you want it. Hornet manufactures various short extensions that allow you to position the spare tire right behind your bed.  If you have any questions feel free to call us at 303-408-0250


California residents WARNING Proposition 65

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