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Tree Stand Hook

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Tree Stand Hook
Part Number: TSH-1

The Patent Pending Quick Hook was designed to hold your pack, rifle, bow, or crossbow securely to your hunting stand while positioning it precisely where it's easy to pick up when it's time to make the shot. 
This is  packaged as a single hook.  Two Packs are also available at http://www.shophornetoutdoors.com/Tree-Stand-Gear-Hook_p_166.html
 To appreciate the unique function of this hook you have to pick one up and use it; you will smile and shake your head with amazement.
Simple tool less installation means you can install them  permanently or take them with you on the go! Patent Pending Hinged Design is simple to install with no tools - even in the dark!
·       15 lb capacity
·       Black Powder Smooth Finish
·       Neodymium Magnet Latch
·       Simple tool less installation on 3/4"  square tubing. (most tree stands)
·       Positions your weapon within easy reach but still out of the way.

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