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UTV Jack Rack Mount
UTV Jack Rack Mount

UTV Jack Rack Mount

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UTV Jack Rack Mount
Part Number: U-5000-RZ
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Due to Covid, we are experiencing some short term delays getting a part for this product. This product is on  backorder and expected to ship no later than July 7, 2020. We will be processing shipments on a first come, first served basis.  If you order this product before that date the transaction will process and you will receive a tracking number but the tracking number will say, "label created" if your order has not shipped yet.

U-5000-RZ includes the U-5000 Quick Lift Jack and a Hornet Outdoors Rac-Klamp Jack Mount. The Jack Mount installs without tools in seconds to your Hornet Outdoors Rac-Klamp compatible Cargo Rack or Bed Rail system. Two Hornet Quick Fist Grips securely hold the Quick Lift Jack.

The Hornet Outdoors Universal Quick Lift Jack was designed for off-road ATV/UTV use. It is lightweight, has a high capacity and long extension range, and is simple to use. Operate with the included crank handle, or remove the handle and use a ratchet or cordless drill. It will easily lift your ATV, UTV, trailer, or other small vehicle.

You'll find plenty of other uses for this versatile jack. Change the wheels on a trailer, raise a dock for repairs, change your riding mower blades, and more!

Jack Specifications:

- 2,000 pound lift capacity

- 6"-32" extension range

- 6" lift tongue

- 13 pounds

- Weatherproof galvanized finish

Questions? Reach us by email at [email protected], by phone at 1-833-2HORNET (246-7638), or by text at 303-588-2384

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