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UTV Smart Phone and Camera Holder
Mounts on 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" Round Tube

UTV Smart Phone and Camera Holder

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UTV Cell Phone Holder
Part Number: RC-4049
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If you're looking for a solid, secure way to attach your Cell Phone or Smart Phone to your UTV check this out!  You've tried the cheap mounts and found out that they simply don't stay put?  So have we!  

The Hornet U 4049 Smart Phone Mount and Camera Mount  comes complete with a SOLID Fastclamp  1 1/2" to 13/4" Round  Tube.   This mount includes an adjustable (opens to 4" wide) smart phone mount AND a Camera or GoPro attachment.

The base clamp attaches to the Hornet Quick-Adjust arm.  Unlike the friction adjustments used on most camera mounts, this unique arm has a unique mechanical design where a simple twist of the  elbow knob loosens the entire arms AND both ball sockets on the ends so you just loosen, adjust to the desired position, and lock it in place with a simple half turn of the knob.

Includes the Base Mount for attaching to Roll Bar, Smart Phone adjustable holder, 11" adjustable arm, camera attachment, smart phone attachment.
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