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Universal Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Mount

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Universal Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Mount
Part Number: U-4100

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Made in the USA using American Steel, American Workmanship and American Pride

The Hornet Heavy Duty Receiver Hitch spare tire mount combines the unique features of the Hornet ATV/UTV Two Piece Adjustable Spare tire hitch with a heavy duty design that can take even the heaviest of wheel/tire combinations. Fully adjustable height to provide the ultimate in convenience when carrying a spare tire on a UTV, truck, RV, or auto and it's a snap to pull off the upper component with your wheel and tire attached if you need to access the back of your truck..  FITS ALL 2" RECEIVERS INCLUDING ATV'S UTV'S TRUCKS AUTOS
The Hornet Receiver hitch product are ALL Made in the USA!

Easy Tailgate Access. This receiver hitch spare tire mount comes complete with two heavy duty components so you simply pull the hitch pin and remove the upper component (with the tire attached) to access your tailgate.

The vertical arm that you mount your spare tire to can be adjusted to a number of different heights OR, you can simply remove the pin and pull off your spare to access the back of your vehicle.

The Receiver Hitch Spare Tire carrier INCLUDES:
  • Lower Receiver Component
  • Upper Receiver Component 
  • One 5/8" Diameter hitch pin. The pins used on this product are the same 5/8" hitch pins that fit all 2" receivers (available at the local hardware store).  One pin is required where the receiver slides in to the receiver on your vehicle and another pin is inserted on the adjustable receiver collar.
  • Hitch Stabilizer

You may want a second stabilizer where it inserts in to your vehicle to improve stability. Additional stabilizers and hitch pins are discounted if purchased with the unit in the shopping cart. The Tire Mount also comes with two 3/8" bolts that fit most wheels but you may need to purchase longer bolts depending on the size/thickness of your wheel.

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