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Yamaha Viking Rear Cargo Rack
Yamaha Viking Cargo Rack

Yamaha Viking Rear Cargo Rack

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Viking Cargo Rack
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Need more cargo space? This Hornet Outdoors Cargo Rack adds an elevated cargo area over the front of your Yamaha Viking bed. The heavy-duty welded steel is finished with a durable, corrosion-resistant flat black powder coat. Installation is easy with four included bolts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This rack requires threaded bolt holes on the side bed rails. Most newer Yamaha Vikings include these threaded anchor points. Please confirm your Viking has threaded anchor points on the side bed rails before ordering this rack.

This Hornet Outdoors Cargo Rack has four vertical Rac-Klamp mounting points around the perimeter and a Rac-Klamp compatible floor. The Hornet Outdoors Rac-Klamp System includes a broad family of Hornet Outdoors ATV/UTV accessories. Hornet Outdoors Rac-Klamp accessories feature a secure clamp attachment to the standard bar spacing of Hornet Outdoors Cargo Racks and can easily be installed or removed in seconds without tools. The full range of Hornet Outdoors Rac-Klamp accessories can be found [here].

The Hornet Difference

This Hornet Outdoors product is proudly designed and made in the USA with American steel.  Our racks don't use "bicycle thin" steel but rather full dimension 15 gauge steel.  Each joint is custom coped to fit perfectly and then welded a full 360 degrees around every intersection.  The racks are cleaned under high intensity wash systems and then powder coated with Hornet's trademark flat black textured surface for both corrosion resistance and durability.



- 50" wide, 18-1/2" deep, 14-1/2" high

- 15" clearance between bottom of rack and floor of bed

- 21 pounds

- 300 pound weight capacity

NOTE:  Due to the size of this product UPS Charges a large package handling surcharge of $25.00. 


Yamaha Vikings with threaded anchor points on top of bed side rails.


(1) Cargo Rack

(4) Mounting Bolts

Questions? Reach us by email at [email protected], by phone at 1-833-2HORNET (246-7638), or by text at 303-588-2384

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